Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How do you change resolution on PS3?

I have a PS3 and a 42%26quot; 1080p TV. The video settings in the PS3 are set to 1080p. I brought the system to my dad's house (10 hour trip) to show him some movies on blu ray. His TV only supports up to 720p. When I hooked up the PS3 to his 720p TV, I'm getting a blank screen on his TV because it doesn't support the 1080p resolution. I need to reset the resolution on the PS3 to 720 or autodetect on the TV. I'm using an HDMI cable to connect the PS3 to the TV. Can someone give me a walkthrough to get the video resolution reset so I can use this thing on the TV? I'm looking for directions like, %26quot;Start all the way to the left. Move right once. Move down 4 times.%26quot; Etc. Or if there is some way to do a manual reset that wouldn't erase my game memory/hard drive, that would work too. Please help!!How do you change resolution on PS3?
*WITH NO DISC INSERTED* If there is one, eject it and turn the system off so I can show you from a system start with no disc. This IS using a HDMI cable as well

1)Power on system; do NOT push any buttons on the controller!

2) Over 4 to the left

3)9 down

4) Click 'X' once

5)Click 'X' again

6)Click 'X' again

7)Click 'X' again

That should bring you to some settings list that makes sure that the settings you clicked were what you wantHow do you change resolution on PS3?
thanks robtheman! just spent ages tryin to connect ps3 to old tv, couldnt figure out why we were getting no picture, had been set to high resolution on a diff tv, used ur 5 sec method and we're away!

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How do you change resolution on PS3?
Or with no disk in, hold down the power button (hold your finger on the touch-sensitive button) until you hear another beep. This causes the PS3 to return to defalt video, then check what is hooked up and find the optimal resolution.

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How do you change resolution on PS3?
settings%26gt;display settings
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