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How Can I Tell How High My Screen Resolution Should Be?

The other day i was messing around with my screen resolution and i wondered what it would look like if i put it at its highest setting, and when i pressed apply my screen turned black and in big words my screen said, %26quot; Video Card Not Supported.%26quot;, i tried restarting but after windows Xp loaded all that appeared on the screen was, %26quot;Video Card Not Supported%26quot;, and the only way to fix that was for my friend to come over and let me use his screen to change the resolution. So how do know how high i should put my resolution to where those words don't appear on my computer screen.How Can I Tell How High My Screen Resolution Should Be?
Screen Resolution is often limited by your monitor and the refresh rate usually by your video card. The best way to find your screen resolution is by looking at your display properties in control panel, in case your monitor is a plug and play one. If your monitor is an old one, you should try increasing your resolution in slow increments until the screen goes blank or too blurred to be legible.

When your screen goes blank in such a case, do not touch any keys or move your mouse, windows will automatically restore your last settings in 15 seconds.How Can I Tell How High My Screen Resolution Should Be?
normally when you change the resolution the resolution will change and then you get a box asking if you want to keep it, if you don't say yes it should change backHow Can I Tell How High My Screen Resolution Should Be?
Visit your graphics card manufacturer's site, examples being eVGA, XFX, Gigabyte, or better yet check the manual and it should tell you the supported resolution settings.

Screen Resolution issues, PLZ HELP urgentttt ahh please help?

I know this is long but please please help

okay, so yesterday, i noticed a little sticker on my monitor with the spec's of it. %26quot;1280x1024 max res%26quot;. That sounds cool, i thought to myself. The monitor came with the computer, so i assumed my video card would readily comply. So, long story short: I set it to that setting, and it had to restart the computer. So... I restarted the computer. And now, the screen is black. The monitor's plugged in, and correctly hooked up to the computer. I know this because I'm using it on safe mode with networking, and a standard resolution.

SO heres the question:

How do I change my resolution off of safe mode where it would actually stick when I rebooted my computer?

I've tried the traditional way, of going to graphics settings, and then settings, and selecting 1024x768. It said I needed to restart, I did, and the screen was still black. Using the controls on the side of the monitor, I found it it was still in 1280x1024. How can I make it stick in 1024x768????Screen Resolution issues, PLZ HELP urgentttt ahh please help?
Boot into Safe Mode and uninstall your graphics driver in Device Manager. Reboot normally, and on startup you'll be prompted to install it again by the Found New Hardware wizard, but in the meantime the resolution will be forced to 640x480 in the absence of a working driver.
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  • When I try to play Maplestory, My screen says "cannot display this video mode". Help!!!?

    Also, my screen turns black. I tried changing the resolution and the color. If you know how to fix it, please tell me!!! I want to play Maplestory!!!When I try to play Maplestory, My screen says %26quot;cannot display this video mode%26quot;. Help!!!?
    The requirements for playing Maplestory are-

    CPU: Intel Celeron 500MHz

    RAM: 64MB

    HDD: 300MB Disk Space

    OS: MS Windows 98/ME/2K/XP

    VGA: 3D Acceleration Card

    SOUND: None

    NETWORK: 56kbps Modem

    [Recommended Settings]

    CPU: P3-700MHz or higher

    RAM: 128MB RAM

    HDD: 500MB Disk Space

    OS: MS Windows 98/ME/2K/XP

    VGA: 3D Acceleration Card

    SOUND: 16bit Sound Card

    NETWORK: Cable Modem

    if you dont have anyone of these, the game wont work.. And also check if you have screen resolution to 800 X 600, 16 Bit..

    i hope this info was useful!!

    How do I reposition a fullscreen program?

    When I open a game (Fable: Lost Chapters) on my friend's PC, the left side of the window is on the right and vice-versa. There is also a gap in the center of the screen. I've tried changing the resolution for the game, and the driver for the video card is up to date. The video card is fairly new also so i doubt it has to do with this.How do I reposition a fullscreen program?
    The only 're-positioning' options you have for a full screen program (mainly a game) is either by adjusting the Video settings for that game within the game options or by adjusting the monitor settings on the monitor itself. Your problem sounds more like a conflict or incompatibility issue between the game (it could be its version, try installing the latest patch for it if available) and the Video card drivers (sometimes the latest drivers is not the best thing! With certain games, I had more luck and less problems using older Nvidia cards with olders drivers than using newest drivers with the same older video cards).

    How to solve this screen resolution problem in Vista?

    Nowadays I am having a screen resolution change in my laptop. Though it show 1280x800 (32 bit) then also it looks bigger(like 800x600). I have to uninstall the video driver from device manager and then reinstall it.This solves the problem. But after that, when I once again switch on my laptop the problem is same. My laptop's details are as follows:

    Dell Vostro 1400n

    2.5GB RAM

    MS Windows Vista Ultimate

    Intel 965 Express Chipset Family

    I have also checked that driver is upto date. Please help me this thing is irritating.How to solve this screen resolution problem in Vista?
    Contact DELL and tell them the problem.

    Video editing / windows movie maker?

    okay so I want to export the video I've made in windows movie maker with maximum quality. I can do that using 'best quality for playback' but then the resolution is like 600x400 or something.

    I want the same thing but for the video to be smaller (320x240) but if I use High Quality (small) the video is shite compared to the other.

    So basically how do I make a small video w/ great quality or find a way to change that great looking 600x400 video smaller?Video editing / windows movie maker?
    Essentially Windows Movie Maker doesn't give alot of options for output. The two options you are speaking of are listed as variable bitrate with no options to refine the settings.. so essentially there's some sort of fixed quality target. Long story short, the quality is being determined by the resolution. Technically you said you want the maximum quality and that would equal a higher resolution video.

    However, for whatever reason, if your trying to get something in a lower reason but better quality then what movie maker is apparently giving you, I'd recommend the following. Output from Movie Maker at the absolute max quality.. which I believe would be %26quot;DV-AVI%26quot; in this case. Then utilize a seperate program to convert that video into a smaller resolution and perhaps a different file format. If you go to you can find a good catalog of freeware video utilities that may do what you need it to do.. namely a program that gives you more output/compression options.

    Also, might I ask what this video is being made for specifically? If I know, maybe I can give a more specific recommendation on how best to compress/format the video to meet you needs.

    ---- Addendum ---

    For free video software, I'd recommend trying

    Here's a link for freeware editing software they have listed....

    Here's another link for freeware video conversion software they have listed....

    They conveniently have descriptions, reviews, and ratings to help you make a decision. Also, if you switch the filter from %26quot;free%26quot; to %26quot;all licenses%26quot; you'll be able to see software that may be available for trial (in other words that you'd eventually need to pay for to continue using).

    There are obviously non-free and sometimes significantly expensive options. I do video work professonally and I use Adobe Premiere as an editor. For pure video conversion and encoding, Procoder and Sorrenson Squeeze are good. They'll all set you back a nice chunk of change though.. so I wouldn't recommend it unless you do video stuff often.Video editing / windows movie maker?
    I agree with grgurmg - you may be able to use Super to convert your DV-AVI video to the required format and size.

    Resolution on 15.6'' screen.?

    i have 1GB Nvidia GeForce GT 230M as my video card but my resolution can only go up to 1366x768.. so i'm wondering if i physically change my laptop screen.. can i replace it with a higher resolution screen? or does the display adapter have to match with the screen?

    if i can replace it, how much would it cost?


    ps. this is for hp dv6t quad edition..Resolution on 15.6%26039;%26039; screen.?
    No you can'tt do that. But you can buy an extra display from Samsung for your laptop.Resolution on 15.6%26039;%26039; screen.?
    15.6%26quot; diagonal High Definition LED HP Brightview Widescreen Display (1366x768)
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